introduction to miss kam

West Baltimore emcee Miss Kam born Kamaria Alexis, demands your attention and the room the minute she steps in. Known for her passion that she delivers in raw unadulterated energy, Miss Kam in her short tenure is already proving to be a force we’ll listen to for eons to come. From a young age Miss Kam was raised around a diversity of songs and sounds and it shines with every iteration of Miss Kam we get. Miss Kam has already proven to have viral appeal, between her freestyle series, prolific collaborative efforts in and out of her community while simultaneously accumulating press from mainstream outlets, at the age of 24 her story is just being written. 

Miss Kam’s journey began early, her parents both played an eclectic set of music that Kam was open to receiving. Her father would play a mix of jazz and ethnic music, Herbie Hancock, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sade, Angelique Kidjo and countless others. “I fell in love with his love for music, and the sound of it.” Miss Kay says. On the other side of things Kam’s mom played a combination of pop & R&B, with artists like Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, Cameo and others permeating Kam’s ears. The last piece of the puzzle, was Miss Kam’s brother introducing her to hip-hop and acts like Jay-Z, Ludacris, Jeezy, TI and others. All of this combines to make the artist we listen to and see today. 

While studying the greats, Miss Kam was becoming a prodigy in her own right, singing in the school choir for over five years. The mixture of influences shine through Miss Kam to this day. Kam wants to evoke and bring emotion out of you. “I barely want them to walk away” she says, “I want them to dance away...My goal is to make people dance, make people move, make people think.” With her sound being crafted by producer Doowy Lloh, Miss Kam brings music that is uniquely hers but accessible for everyone. Her popularity has fans clamoring for her first release but Kam has been laying low preparing and mastering her craft as she continues to ascend. 

Miss Kam brings an energy and passion to the game that is rare to see these days where most are fueled by ego. Kam takes it a step further already making tracks with other artists bringing the same energy in the DMV. Chris Cassius, Baby Kahlo and Kam’s group People Like Us Global all being frequent collaborators. She stretches her arms even further, gaining placements on The Demo Tape’s 2018 playlist and performing with some of the world’s greatest acts like JPEGMAFIA. From events with The Boiler Room & Red Bull Miss Kam clearly has a universal appeal. Don’t box Miss Kam in though as she’s performed at numerous release shows, cyphers and graced True Laurels Magazine last year and in fact is gearing up to be featured on Ear Hustlers later this year. 

Here we are in 2021 and Miss Kam has done everything she said would just a few years ago. On the first day of 2020, Kam dropped her debut album, “Tew Faced” which released to critical acclaim. Central Sauce, THFCTRY, Q Music Spotlight and countless others covered the West Baltimore standout. It doesn’t stop there as Miss Kam is closing in on 40K streams combined, the best part is they’re all organic as the Baltimore legend hasn’t put her music on the big three DSPs just yet. 2020 also saw the release of Miss Kam’s hit single “We Are The World” where she teamed up with Prosperous Minds to create a beautiful music video, calling back to the community efforts Kam has always championed. As we head toward the halfway point of the year, Miss Kam has plenty of surprises set for her supporters, music video, music and much more. Don’t get left behind.